Captain Mike Mukula the Vice Chairman of the National Resistance Movement for the Eastern region narrated the whole story of the bodyguard that shot down the state minister of labour Rtd Col. Charles Okello Engola.

The bodyguard known as Wilson Sabiiti caused chaos in Kyanja on Tuesday 2nd May when he killed Engola and later gunned himself down too.

However, according to Mukula, Sabiiti had worked for him for five months before starting to work for Engola out of coincidence.

Sabiiti was a family guy with four children that stay with the deceased mother. It should also be remembered that he worked with Mukula for four months until the by-elections for Soroti MP were through on 29th July last year.

According to Mukula, Sabiiti killing the state minister didn’t come by accident because he had a history of being disobedient and gone AWOL meaning absconded by the army and some punishment leading him to be arrested and jailed for over a year at the Makindye Military Barracks.

Also, he was depressed and under pressure following the rate at which he was borrowing money from different sources including Wazalendo Sacco, civilians and colleagues. With this underway, his salary came short due to all these circumstances.

Mukula believes that this bodyguard had bipolar disorder and money difficulties fillowing his responsibities hence leading him to doing what he did.

Many beleive that maybe it was because of how the late minister spoke to the bodyguard but that wasn’t the case. Or maybe the military doesn’t pay its army team occassionally but this too wasn’t the case.

Sabiiti was just having a mental ditress and multiple pressure since he had responsibilities to take care of and personal care which led him to killing the mister and himself too.



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