The speaker of parliament Honourable Anita Among wants those involved in the iron sheet saga punished.

This statement comes after she attended the presidential affairs probing the allegations, following a petition by the Karamoja legislators on 15 February 2023 as committee.

“I administratively referred the petition to the committee and I gave them two weeks to report back to the House,” said Among.

Prior to this petition, top government officials were benefiting from the aid meant for youth in Karamoja.

Among warned other ministers against meddling in the matter, saying that the issue concerns Ministers from Karamoja sub region.

“I do not want other ministers to be pulled into what they are not concerned with; let everybody carry their own cross. Let us wait for the report to come back from the committee and we shall take a decision,” said Among.

However, Kira Municipality Member of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda wants all plenary sittings suspended until committee report is ready.

“When government is involved in a crime of industrial scale, the ability of that government to deliver any service is curtailed. If you have a whole cabinet involved, that Cabinet cannot come here and speak,” Ssemujju said.

Additionally, the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga said that laying the petition on table will enable MPs augment the matters raised by the Karamoja MPs.

“Should we believe that given the information available, there is need for amendment of the prayers or to even occasion another petition to rhyme with the original petition?” Mpuuga said.

In conclusion the speaker said that the petition was extended to the committee due to the recess in the house.


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