Those who have been footing for long now feel they are at least par with those driving. This is after the price of fuel has continued to spiral out of control not only in Uganda but globally.

Currently a litre of petrol costs Shs 5,800 while that of diesel costs about Shs 5,700. However, the prices vary at different petrol stations and some are even higher than the indicated prices above.

And the fuel crisis and prices don’t seem to be going down any time soon especially after the president’s address. He attributed this problem to external factors especially the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Therefore, he said that nothing will be done about this crisis. This development has really affected a number of the big boys cruising in some of the monsteous rides on Ugandan roads.

A number of them can be seen by roadsides either stranded, filling their cars with fuel using water bottle funnels and jerrycans on cars that you would never imagine to be refueled in such a manner. Others have resorted to driving more fuel friendly cars, riding bicycles and motorcycles or even footing.


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