The Ministry of Works and Transport welcomed the idea of increasing transport taxes and fares
following the hiking of the fuel prices that’s been seen in Uganda.

Following the communication from the state minister for works and transport Byamugisha Fred said that the increment of taxi fares.

“The proposed increment in fares has been reviewed to ensure that they are not exploitative. The ministry is therefore aware of the justifiable increments in transport fares based on the
prevailing cost of fuel,” Byamukama said in a statement.

Byamugisha stated that the agreed adjustments on transport fares include an increase of Shs 500 for trips within city boundaries, Shs 1000 for trips beyond 35kms and Shs 2000 for trips between 40kms and 100kms.

“There is an increase of Shs 3000 for trips beyond 130kms and an an increase of Shs 5000 for trips beyond 140kms,” Byamukama said.

These fares will be closely monitored by the government to prevent exploitative and dictation. However the government is also aware of the pressing high pricing and has no say as its being caused by external factors.


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