The Commander of the Land Forces Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba yesterday threw social media into commotion after announcing his retirement from the army.

Muhoozi said that after 28 years in the Armed Forces, he had decided to hang up the towel. He added that he has absolute respect for the men and women who adorn the colors of the National army to serve the country.

Numerous conspiracy theories started flying in on how the First Son was now setting his sights on his father’s seat, the presidency.

For a number of years rumors have always had it that there is a Muhoozi project that aims to see Muhoozi succeed his father, President Museveni.

This is something that has vehemently faced Opposition from different sections of the public including political figures from both the Opposition and the government.

However, a look at Muhoozi’s military career indicates that he was admitted into the army in 1999 which means that he’s so far served 22 years contrary to the 28 he posted.

Some insinuated that the General meant that he will retire in 2027 contrary to what he had tweeted.

Through a video posted on senior journalist Andrew Mwenda’s Twitter page, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba confirms that he will be retiring in 8 years from now.

This puts his retirement from 2027 to 2030. The UPDF has however not yet come out to comment on the First Son’s stance.

Some sources claimed that his father Gen Museveni had called for a meeting with the High Command of the Armed forces.

He allegedly told this command to retain Muhoozi as a serving Military officer and also advised him against quitting the army at such an early age of 47.

It should also be recalled that Muhoozi last year threatened to quit his position if the required funds he wanted to elevate the welfare of his Forces weren’t availed to him.

It’s said that these were availed to him. Besides Muhoozi hadn’t also gone through the due process of retiring from the Army.


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