One student was reported dead and over 1000 sent back home at Gulu High School. This was after students rioting over the school’s failure to broadcast the English Premier League game between Manchester United and Manchester City.

The chaos is said to have ensued after the school’s administration refused to show the game.

Sources in Bwonagweno where the school is located said that the students started destroying school property after being given the news. Bottles and stones started flying towards the school glassware.

Efforts by the school authorities and student leaders to calm down the students proved unworthy.

This prompted the administration to seek the help of Police. Despite the Police coming and firing teargas canisters, the students overpowered them.

The situation soon escalated and got out of hand for the Police to handle. They had to call in the Army for assistance.

On arrival, the Police used live ammunition at the students. Two students got shot at and its said that one of the students died.

One of the students was shot at while running to hide while another was hiding in a mango tree.
It was the student hiding in the tree that died. According to eye witnesses, the bullet shattered his jaw because he fell down after being shot. His body was taken to Gulu regional Referral Hospital morgue.

A number of school properties was destroyed including the school bus, computer lab among others.

The situation was however calmed down and security is still deployed at the school.

There are however lots of casualties who were rushed to Gulu referral hospital where they are nursing injuries from as some are still unconscious.

Most of the casualties are girls. The situation was described as disturbing and the worst since the school’s establishment 30 years ago.

It’s one of the leading schools in the district and its a mixed day and boarding school owned by Dr David Onen.


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