The Ugandan Commander of the Land Forces and the first son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba yesterday 22nd January 2022 met with the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame.

The purpose of their meeting was one of those aimed at easing tensions between the two neighboring and brotherly countries.

According to the Office of the Rwandan president, this was a cordial and productive meeting aimed at finding solutions between the two East African countries.

Gen Muhoozi took to his Twitter page to give a full account of the meeting between him and his ‘uncle.’

Muhoozi thanked President Kagame for the warm welcome accorded to him together with his delegation.

He added that they discussed how best to improve the bilateral relations of Uganda and Rwanda which have been under tension in the last few years.

Muhoozi further said that he’s confident that under Kagame’s and Museveni’s leadership, everything will be restored back to normalcy.

Another achievement Muhoozi was able to register on this trip was the release of Private Ronald Arinda an SFC member “who strayed into Rwandan territory on personal business without permission.”

Furthermore, Muhoozi said that he’s been alive long enough to know that the bond between Uganda and Rwanda is unbreakable.

Therefore these differences have to be resolved quickly so that both countries can progress forward harmoniously.

Meetings between the two countries have been intense in the past few days.

In this same week, President Museveni summoned Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Adonia Ayebare and sent him to Kigali to meet with President Kagame before Muhoozi also went to Kigali.

President Kagame on the
February 27, 2019 closed the Uganda-Rwanda border in Katuna and Chanika hills in Kabale and Kisoro.

This has hampered trade between the two countries and despite bilateral meetings, the borders are yet to be fully opened.


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