The family of Milly Namazzi who went to work in Saudi Arabia and trafficked to Egypt and died revealed the body missing a kidney and her genital parts.

She died after her relationship with her employer and the family has been demanding for the return of the child after Dream Connect Limited took her to Saudi Arabia.

However, the company denied being part on the arrangements to transport her body back to Uganda as requested by the family of the deceased.

Namazzi Milly flew to Saudi Arabia on a two year contract in 2019 which expired last year according to the family information shared.

She also demanded for her return after the contract expired but the employers denied her that chance and ability to travel back. According to reports, she was in a relationship with one of her employers back in Saudi Arabia.

“She kept on telling us that the employers were always looking at her with vengeance which would have been part of reasons to delay her return,” one relative said.

Also, before the death of Namazzi, relatives stated that they received voice messages from her informing them on the danger of her life.

“I got into trouble and if you don’t hear from me again, it will mean I am dead. Right now I am hiding and they are searching for me,” shared one of the voice messages from Milly.

The Director of Dream Connect Limited Crispus Wamani confirmed that the contract between Milly and the company expired hence showing they had no arrangements between them and the deceased.

The family believes that there’s enough evidence to show that Namazzi was murdered and wants the government to intervene on this matter.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace!


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