The US yesterday on 31st August 2021 officially evacuated over 70000 people from Afganistan which was their final evacuation plan.

This has left the fate of many Ugandans still stuck in Afghanistan unknown in the chaotic country.

Government has recently come out to speak out on the plans they have laid for getting Ugandans out of the chaotic country.

State Minister of Gender Mr. Mulimba told parliament, explains Ugandans have been evacuated and those under the UN were evacuated by the UN, only two Ugandans are still in Afghanistan, and the government is trying to trace them.The minister made these comments on the floor of parliament last week on 25th August.

The government is still trying to reach and contact anyone who could know their whereabouts and to find out whether they are more still stuck in the Arab state.

Ugandans who have been evacuated from Afghanistan are undergoing quarantine in the UK and will soon be back in the country said the Minister


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