Kibale Forest National Park is one of the most attractive national parks in Uganda with varied tracts of tropical rainforest and a multiplicity of animals. It is located in western Uganda slightly off the Equator but yet a rain forest. The annual temperature ranges between 14-27oC and is generally cool.

It is the “primate capital of East Africa” with more than 1,450 chimpanzee protected within its borders of 795km2. It is by far the best place to see Chimps in East Africa, you have over 90% chance of seeing them. The chimpanzees have been habituated for over 16 years giving you a chance to see the great apes in their natural environment. Children have to be 15 years and above to track the Chimpanzees.

Activities in Kibale National Park.

  • Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale National Park.
  • Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in Kibale National Park.
  • Bird watching inKibale National Park.
  • Nature and Hiking walks.
  • Community walks and Cultural experiences.




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